Main street in the old town of Dubrovnik city in Croatia at sunset
Old Town, Dubrovnik
Vibrant cultures and ancient cobblestone adventure awaits. 

Croatia Vacations

Croatia, a historic fantasy along the pulsing Adriatic Sea. 

The deep blue of the Adriatic along the shores of Croatia is often difficult to distinguish from the sky. Whether you are standing on one of the 1000+ islands dotting the sea or on the mainland where Italy and Serbia lie to the east, Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro to the south, the history and the cultures surrounding Croatia infuse the country with customs and cuisine, architecture, and art unlike anywhere else; this country is a multifaceted gem to uncover. Originally part of former Yugoslavia, tourism is primarily focused along the Adriatic’s coast. Rustic beauty, adventure tourism above and below the waters, medieval cities flanked by mountains are part of seven UNESCO world heritage sites make Croatia a new but exciting destination to explore. Vineyards and superb restaurants result in fine dining experiences which can be had from within the walls of a medieval castle or a seaside table where the fish was just caught, and the air is salty and full of promise. Since Croatia joined the Schengen zone this year, an ambitious traveller could visit Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia in a day. With long slips of coastlines, some alive with vibrant music and waterfront dining, some empty to wander and dream, a day by the Adriatic here could slip into a week without feeling the passing of time. The Romans made their mark on this land and their legacy is felt all over Croatia with the largest Roman palace in existence located here. Ancient trees tell no tales in their protected National Parks with stacked crystal blue, green and turquoise lakes where deer, wolves, brown bears, wildcats, lynx, wild boar, voles, otters, and more than 160 varied species of birds thrive. Fairy-tale castles full of fantastic tales of an often turbulent and always vibrant past dot the countryside and beckon travels to dive into the heart of this captivating country. 

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Dubrovnik fortress cityscape at sunset
A small sailing boat is moored next to the shore which is covered with a lush pine forest in Hvar
Aerial view of Zlatni Rat Beach in Brac Island, Dalmatian Region
Sunny promenade along the pier of old Venetian town, Dalmatian Coast.
Aerial view at sunset St. Mark's Church in Zagreb
Rural village nestled on bay surrounded by blue waters
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When you have explored the world and want more: Croatia is calling. 

Croatia fuels the imagination on all levels; explorers hike through protected forests where Roman armies once marched, age-old vineyards lead to romantic evenings and seaside wanderings by medieval walls allow even the most seasoned traveller’s soul to stir with excitement. A diverse geography of swaying agriculture by the Hungarian border, gently rolling mountains and highlands near the Adriatic coastline and 1,246 islands to boat past and explore make for endless opportunities for adventure. 

Cityscape image of beautiful coastal town Omis, Dalmatia, Croatia at summer sunset

The Culture

A culture dating back to the sixth century, Croatia was part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire until it fell at the conclusion of the first world war. Social conventions such as a strong family life focused around the traditions of the Catholic Church is central to the Croatian way of life with close to 90% of people following Roman Catholicism. Formalities such as wearing long sleeves for women inside religious buildings and showing respect when entering the many beautifully designed churches throughout the country, is appreciated, and welcomed. Other religions present include Eastern Orthodox Serbians, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims.  

Greeting people with a handshake and a smile will go a long way, as will a smattering of Croatian such as dobar dan (thank you) or hvala (hello) which is highly appreciated.  Croatian is a Slavic language and although it is the official language of the country, Serbian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Italian are also spoken throughout.   

Croatian holidays tell a story of the complex history of the country, such as Anti-Fascist Resistance Day in June which marks the formation of the first partisan unit in Croatia in 1941 and Statehood Day, also in June, celebrating Croatia’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Pride displayed by a sea of flags flying the red, white, and blue of the Croatian flag, the national coat of arms in the center, fill the streets as a testament to the country’s pride as a nation on Independence Day in October.

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