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Africa is a continent so ancient, so diverse, so expansive, that it contains an infinite world of possibly within its borders. The iconic safari experience might get the most attention, but each region has its own wonders and startling diversity to explore. Head on a tailor-made trip to Africa and your world will inevitably transform in startling ways.

Mount Kilimanjaro
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Discover the Natural & Cultural Treasures of Africa

Elephant against a Kilimanjaro backdrop at sunrise. Cattle egret visible perched on the elephants back. Amboseli national park, Kenya

Iconic Wildlife

Africa is blessed with the world’s most iconic animals. Spotting a lion or giraffe at dawn in the warm light of the rising sin is a bucket list experience. But Africa is home to natural wonders beyond the savannah of East Africa. In the deep central jungles lie mountain gorillas while the southern coastlines showcase migrating whales and mighty sharks. Head on a trip to Africa to witness nature come alive in the most startling, beautiful ways.

Abu Simbel

Ancient Civilizations

Humanity began in Africa and even today, the treasures of our long, shared lineage remain in remarkable condition. The pyramids of Egypt capture the brilliance of past civilizations, but the entire continent if flush with ancient wonders, from the stone churches of Ethiopia to the living cultures of the Kalahari, which retain ancient traditions and wisdom. If you’re searching for the root of our shared humanity, you’ll find it on an African vacation.

Hout Bay

Future Promise

Africa is young and growing fast. No continent better personifies the promise of the future, with large cities showcasing what is possible when brilliants minds share their cultures and passions with each other. This youthful generation is bringing forth innovative ideas and setting the stage for transformative economic growth in virtually every industry. 

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When working with Goway, you dream it, we plan it. Rely on the passion and expertise of our Destination Specialists to craft the trip that’s right for you. 

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