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The Polar Regions

Arctic & Antarctica

Arctic & Antarctica Vacations

Explore the Edge of the World in the Arctic & Antarctica

No destinations are as remote, as otherworldly, as truly far-flung as the polar regions. Only true globetrotters embark on an adventure to these frozen poles, where penguins and polar bears and towering glaciers are your only company. Join the intrepid few who have sought to explore the last frontier and head on a tailor-made trip to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Man standing in a beautiful blue ice cave of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland
Trips to the Arctic & Antarctica

Explore the Arctic & Antarctica your way on a tailor-made trip with Goway.

Tailor-Made Travel to the Arctic & Antarctica

Unforgettable Natural Adventures in the Arctic & Antarctica

Wild polar bear (Ursus maritimus)on the pack ice, hudsons bay

Polar Wildlife

The Arctic and Antarctica are the least-populated parts of the world—at least as far as humans are concerned. With animals, it’s another matter. Despite the cold temperatures and harsh conditions, these regions are bursting with wildlife. Polar bears and penguins might be the most famous residents of these regions, but don’t forget about the seals, whales, dolphins, and endless variety of seabirds that are your company on a polar vacation.

A kayak amongst the icebergs, Antarctic

Epic Journeys

When you explore the Arctic or Antarctica, the journey is half the adventure. Sail across the famously tempestuous waters of the Drake Passage alongside migrating humpback whales and massive albatrosses floating on the wind. Venture onto the far-northern icy reaches of Canada or Norway to catch a glimpse of a polar bear with your bare eyes. Slice through frigid waters in a kayak or ride a zodiac to remote islands and live a life most people only dream of.

Overview of large cruise ship sailing through icy waters

Retracing History

In the past, explorers such as Ernest Shackleton charted their course into these regions and entered legend. When you head on a trip to the Arctic or Antarctica, you follow in their footsteps and uncover the history of human exploration in the farthest corners of the world. Tour remote whaling stations, ports, and scientific research stations where the fascinating human history of these regions comes alive.

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