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A Journey Through the Crossroads of the Americas

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Panama's Pulse: Celebrating the Heart of the Americas

Panama is a vibrant mosaic of culture and nature, strategically cradled between the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. A gem between Colombia and Costa Rica, it boasts a tropical climate and a geography that unfolds from steep, majestic mountains to rolling coastal hills​.

This nation's heartbeat is its diverse population of over 4.4 million people, a colourful blend of Mestizo, Native Americans, and other heritages. Most people here speak Spanish, but English is becoming increasingly popular because of tourists.

At Panama's core is the iconic Panama Canal, an engineering marvel and a testament to human ingenuity that unites two mighty oceans, driving the country’s economic engine forward. Its natural bounty is as rich as its culture, with resources like copper and mahogany forests nurturing its lands and people. The spirit of Panama resonates in its bustling cities, serene beaches, and the untamed beauty of its less-travelled eastern regions. Truly, Panama stands as a proud sentinel at the crossroads of the Americas, and you are in for an adventure you won't forget.

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CurrencyPanamanian Balboa (PAB)
CapitalPanama City
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01Panama City
The skyline of Panama City with its skyscrapers in the financial district at sunset, Panama.
02San Blas Islands
Aerial view of a tropical island
03Bocas del Toro
White sand beach on a tropical island surrounded by a turquoise sea.
04Panama Canal
Cruise ship going through the locks of the famous canal
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Experience the Spirit of Panama TEST

Welcome to Panama, a land of rich history and modern innovation. Here, the famed Panama Canal stands as a testament to human ingenuity, and the bustling streets of Panama City contrast with tranquil rainforests teeming with biodiversity. From the vibrant Kuna Yala islands to the cloud-capped highlands of Boquete, Panama is unforgettable. Get ready to explore its cultural mosaic and indulge in its culinary delights. Your adventure starts here!

Sun rising over the bridge of the Americas closing the gap between North and South America at the Panama Canal in Panama City, Panama

The Culture

Panama's culture is a rich mosaic of African, American Indian, North American, and Spanish influences, reflected in its traditional arts, music, religion, sports, and cuisine. Music from Panama resonates throughout Latin America, and the country is celebrated for its numerous festivals.

The cosmopolitan urban culture around the Panama Canal offers a stark contrast to the rural savannas' Hispanic traditions, where cattle ranching and horsemanship prevail. Indigenous territories contribute unique elements like the Kuna's vibrant molas and storytelling traditions, enriching Panama's cultural tapestry.

Panama City's historic district, with its colonial architecture dating back to the 17th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Caribbean coastal fortifications of Portobelo and San Lorenzo.

Daily life reflects a blend of influences from the Americas, the Caribbean, and beyond, with a cuisine that favours rice, beans, corn, seafood, and tropical produce. Arroz con pollo and sancocho are national favourites, spiced with chiles and culantro, showcasing the country's gastronomic diversity.

Entertainment in Panama draws from its multicultural heritage, favouring Caribbean rhythms and North American rock over traditional Hispanic music. Television reflects a similar diversity, with Mexican and Venezuelan soap operas alongside American shows.

In the arts, Panama has seen a rise in national expression, with internationally recognized poets, writers, and artists, as well as a rich body of Native American literature, particularly from the Kuna people. This cultural richness makes Panama a fascinating destination for travellers seeking a blend of tradition and modernity.

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