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There are no places quite like Australia and New Zealand. These nations are full of breathtaking natural landscapes, ancient cultures, and tantalizing urban environments showcasing the best of the world. Let the awe-inspiring lands of Australia and New Zealand take your breath away on a tailor-made trip with Goway.

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Trips to Australia & New Zealand

Explore Australia & New Zealand your way on a tailor-made trip with Goway.

Tailor-Made Travel to Australia & New Zealand

Unlock the Wonders of Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are defined by their mighty landscapes and breathtaking diversity. Each country contains worlds unto themselves, with shifting geographies, multicultural cities, and an endless array of things to see and do. You could spend your entire life touring Australia or New Zealand and never run out of new things to do, which sounds like an ideal way to live a life of travel.


Breathtaking Landscapes

In Australia, sandy coastal beaches give way to ancient forests, red sandstone monoliths rise from the outback, and the landscape transforms every few hundred kilometres. New Zealand is no different, with tranquil coves and bays giving way to volcanic hot springs and towering snow-capped mountains looming over pastoral farmland. If you’re looking for breathtaking beauty, you’ve found it on a trip to Australia or New Zealand.

Kangaroo family on the beach of Lucky bay, Esperance, Western Australia

Transformative Experiences

What makes your heart full? Feeding koalas at a sanctuary near Brisbane? Gazing upon migrating humpback whales breaching off the coast of Kaikoura? Learning the traditions of the world’s oldest living culture in the rainforests of Queensland? Australia and New Zealand have the breadth and diversity of travel experiences capable of transforming how you see the world.


World Wonders

Australia and New Zealand are flush with world-famous landmarks that attract the constant attention of admirers who’ve travelled thousands of kilometres to gaze upon their beauty. The Sydney Opera House. Milford Sound. The Great Barrier Reef. Pohutu Geyser. Uluru/Ayers Rock. The Hobbiton Movie Set. It’s time to travel to Australia and New Zealand and meet some world wonders.

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When working with Goway, you dream it, we plan it. Rely on the passion and expertise of our Destination Specialists to craft the trip that’s right for you. 

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