Singapore landmark city skyline, with iconic three tower Marina Bay Sands, during sunrise
A Vibrant City that Boasts a Blend of Cultures

Singapore Vacations

An Adventure to the City That Has It All

Singapore is a tiny sunny island in Southeast Asia, just chilling off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It's like the cool kid on the block—modern, super clean, and vibing with Western influence. Sometimes, you forget you're in Asia and not some fancy Western city.

Scratch beneath the surface, and bam! You've got this melting pot of Asian awesomeness. Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai—you name it, Singapore's got it. It's like a flavour explosion in your mouth you can savour during Singapore trips.

They call it the "Lion City," probably because it roars with development. It started as a chill fishing village, then went through this Peranakan phase, and now, it's rocking the title of one of Southeast Asia's big shots. Tiger Economies, they say.

And get this—Singapore is so tiny, it's a little red dot on the world map. Like, blink, and you might miss it. But don't let its size fool you. It's a breeze to travel around, and even first-timers are in for a safe and smooth ride.

Now, the city itself is a playground of epic proportions. Skyscrapers that touch the clouds, theme parks, gardens, and food galore! You won't run out of things to do in this vibrant city. It's a cultural mixtape blending Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and Arab vibes into this unique Singapore groove. 

You can stroll through Little India, where the colours pop, and the hustle is real. You will be stepping into a vibrant world of Hindu legends right on the lively streets of Little India. Yep, Singapore's not your average Asian city—it's a whole experience!

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is your ticket to easy and wallet-friendly city adventures. It will take you places without breaking the bank.

At a Glance
LanguagesEnglish, Malay, Mandarin, Chinese, Tamil
CurrencySingapore Dollar (SGD)

Explore the Rich Tapestry of Singapore's Heritage

Singapore is like the VIP of countries, so prepare for a spending vibe similar to big shots like American or European cities. Again, remember that it's not your typical bargain paradise like Malaysia.

Also, you've got a few options for shuttle buses. Specifically, if you're a tourist, you might like the free shuttles on Sentosa Island and the weekend ride to Kranji Countryside.

Cableway trip in Sentosa Island, Singapore. home to events, attractions, rainforests, and beaches

The Culture

As we said earlier, Singapore's culture is this cool mix of Malay, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Eurasian. It is a big melting pot of cultures with a mix of traditions.

At first, the Austronesian folks from Taiwan laid down the base, and then it got jazzed up with influences from Chinese dynasties and other Asian countries. That's how they ended up with the unique and bold Singaporean culture we've got today.

For Singaporeans, cultural heritage is a big deal—it is how they express thoughts, beliefs, and their way of life. Thanks to Chinese influences.

The Confucian way says relationships between people should be a bit unequal, with clear roles—like ruler and subject, husband and wife, father and son. When everyone is cool with their position and respects the natural inequality, things stay harmonious and stable. In this setup, superiors protect and show compassion to their subordinates.

Take Theemithi, a three-month-long Hindu festival. It ends with a two-and-a-half-mile walk carrying sacred idols from one temple to another. Then comes the fire-walking, where the devotees walk barefoot on burning wood to show devotion. It's intense.

When you meet a Singaporean, shake hands, and don't forget a slight bow. 

Shoes off at houses, temples, and mosques. No pointing fingers; raise your hand. 

Gender discrimination is a big no-no. And show respect to the middle-aged and elderly by calling them "Uncle" or "Auntie."

Chopsticks etiquette: no sticking them upright.

Feet, conversely, are considered dirty, so keep them pointed away. 

Casual clothes are cool for most places, but bring fancy ones for upscale restaurants. 

Also, Singapore's traditional art and design celebrates cultural heritage. For example, Peranakan's beadwork and embroidery is a craft that needs practice, patience, and passion. They sew these tiny, colourful beads onto footwear, making these cute slippers called kasut manek.  

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