Aerial morning view of the golden autumn in Sigulda, Latvia. Gauja river bridge, cable car and golden forest.
Gauja river bridge, Sigulda
A gem in the Balti

Latvia Vacations

A country where nature intertwines with history and modernity

If you say your ideal vacation is a destination where tranquillity, history, and modernity can be experienced, Latvia perfectly fits this description. Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Europe, Latvia is a land of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, modern cities, rich history, great food, and warm and welcoming people. In short, Latvia offers something for every traveller.

Nothing beats a day venturing into the countryside of Latvia. This is where you get closer to the nature. From stunning sandy beaches, and lush forests, to pristine lakes, the countryside unveils Latvia's natural wonders. Beaches are definitely among the best places to visit in Latvia. It has more than 300 miles of long coastline, accessible to everyone. Get your towel and sunscreen lotion, and soak in the sun. In addition to enjoying the white sandy beaches, explore the forests of Latvia. The country is one of Europe's greenest nations with 45% of land mass covered in forests. Visit Kemeri National Park can get a taste of nature and wildlife.

Explore the capital city Riga, which perfectly blends modernity with history. Riga is more than 800 years old and is the heartbeat of Latvia. Its UNESCO-listed Old Town is the city's heart with impressive historical buildings, cathedrals, and cobblestone streets. On the other side, the city reveals its modernity. With sushi restaurants, ritzy bars, swanky shops, and futuristic buildings, Riga is a perfect blend of medieval centre and modern city.

On the one hand you have modernity and on the other hand, there is rich history. The castles in Latvia reflect the rich history of this magnificent country. There are about 140 castles and some of them date back to the Baltic Crusade. One such example is the Turaida Castle which was built in 1214 and is one of the popular tourist attractions in Latvia. Its architecture is the prime reason for travellers flocking to this gem of a castle. When in Latvia, you must surely pay a visit to this wonder.

In short, Latvia is a gem of a country in Europe, offering a blend of modernity, culture, and beautiful landscapes.

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Latvia: allure of Europe

From lush green forests, stunning sandy beaches, and a gorgeous metropolitan city, to pristine wetlands, Latvia is the vacation destination in Europe that you don't want to miss. Plus, the hospitality of the locals makes Latvia an even more attractive vacation destination.

City Hall Square with House of the Blackheads and Saint Peter church in Old Town of Riga on dramatic sunrise, Latvia

The Culture

Latvian culture is deeply rooted in ancient customs, modern influences, and respect for nature. When it comes to social etiquette, the locals are reserved and do not express their emotions freely. They do not like small talk and do not speak loudly in public. Latvians consider speaking loudly in public to be rude. When you visit Latvia, keep this in mind.

Latvians take pride in their folk traditions. They love their traditional dance, music, and storytelling, all of which celebrate Latvian heritage. The ancient folk songs are UNESCO-recognized, and showcase the nature and daily lives of Latvians. While in Latvia, make sure to attend folk festivals to experience the rich cultural heritage of the country.

You'll find most locals speaking the language Latvian. Having said that, Russian is also widely spoken because of the presence of a large Russian community in the country. So, make sure to learn the basics of both langua, which will help you get around places and make your travel much easier.

A trip isn't memorable if the host is not hospitable. Fortunately, that's not the case for Latvia. The Latvians are open and welcoming. The locals often welcome travellers with warmth and genuine kindness. When you interact with them, you'll learn one thing about them is that their willingness to share their traditions, culture, and stories.

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