Tŵr Mawr lighthouse on Ynys Llanddwyn on Anglesey, Wales, marks the western entrance to the Menai Strait
Tŵr Mawr lighthouse, Ynys Llanddwyn
A country of mighty castles and quaint counties.

Wales Vacations

Lose yourself in the sweeping mountains, legends, and heritage of Wales.

Dylan Thomas, a son of Wales, described the landscape and countryside, and the passing of time with a sense of nostalgia and longing for his youth. In his writing he made the magical and the ordinary come together and he was masterful with describing the atmosphere and sense of place in the places he lived and loved.

The grand and graceful sweeping mountains of Wales seem larger than life and some views are just surreal. The grass and moss covered landscape is more than picturesque, and everything from the coastlines, flat coastal plains, valleys, to the farms and ranges of low rugged hills are breathtaking. You’ll find a framer or two in your camera at the end of each day.

Wales is a constituent country, like Northern Ireland and Scotland -- it has its own government and identity but not full control over its law-making, which rests in Westminster. The Welsh capital is in Cardiff.

Wales has the most castles of any country in the world. Why so many castles you ask? The answer lies in the centuries long threat from invaders, raiders, military campaigners and conquerors. Numerous castles were built by various peoples over a thousand years for protection from the Romans  and marauding bands of migrating Germans, Vikings, Normans, and Dutch.

Castles – until you’ve been in one, it’s hard to describe and take in the physical weight and bulk of it – it seems to match the weight of history of events that took place within its walls. Nearly 600 of these stand today with towers and curtain walls, built high in order to be able to see the enemy before they arrived, and be prepared to defend.

Wales is often referred to as the ‘Land of Song’ as the Welsh people have a deep cultural connection to music. Its choral tradition is strong. Male voice choirs, mixed choirs and children’s choirs have received international acclaim for the powerful and harmonious sound in their performances. There is lots of traditional folk music that tells the stories and values of the Welsh people. While you’re there, try to find a pub where people are playing and singing, and get lost in the history of its music.

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View of Cardiff city skyline from across the bay showing the Pier head building National Assembly
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Mountain region featuring valley farms and river
Evening light on Mount Tryfan above Llyn Ogwen in Snowdonia National Park in Wales
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A joy for outdoor enthusiasts and fortress aficionados.

Wales is rich in history and natural beauty with stretches of rugged and jaw-dropping beaches along its coastline. The sweeping mountains in Snowdonia are majestic with sparkling lakes, deep valleys, rivers, and forests. As one of several national parks, Wales is a haven for the adventurous—you’ll be awestruck and rewarded with the tranquility and wonder at their great expanses. The many castles peppered across the country only add to the fantasy-land aura. Just remember to pack an umbrella, and maybe even your wellies.

Welsh mountain sheep lambs standing on the hills above Llangollen, North Wales, late on a warm summers evening

The Culture

Hay Festival in Hay-on -Wye (The Town of Books) is a world renowned literary event that promotes itself as a catalyst for change. Well-known writers from around the world, discuss and share stories, and posit theories on the state of the world. Nobel prizewinners, novelists, scientists, politicians and historians and environmentalists come together to share the latest thinking in the arts and sciences and conduct debates on current affairs, politics and social issues. Former president Bill Clinton once called the festival the ‘Woodstock of the mind’. It has a reputation for fostering intellectual discourse. The festival president is Stephen Fry.

Dylan Thomas, poet and writer, had his childhood home in Swansea and had a deep connection to his homeland. Roald Dahl, the author of many beloved children’s stories, was born in Cardiff. One could pick up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a different perspective and just about read it as a Welsh industrial novel.

The village of Portmeirion is situated on the north-west coast of Wales and is famous for being a miniature replica of a picturesque Italian village. It is located on a promontory next to the beautiful 70-acre Gwylt Gardens. Many rare species are planted here including monkey puzzle trees, pines, magnolias, camellias, giant redwoods, and ginkgo bilobas, and dozens of varieties of rhododendrons. There is a mix of very fine and Instagrammable manicured gardens and many wild areas to explore. Forest bathing here is a true pleasure.

The Royal Welsh Show is a large agricultural show held in July, in Llanelwedd, Powys, central Wales. It’s been an event since 1904 and was granted Royal status by Queen Elizabeth II in 1963. The show isn’t simply an agriculture show, it showcases Welsh music, food, and culture and is attended by more than 200,000 people each year.

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