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Italy: where opulence meets exceptional cities, art, food, wine and culture.

The power of Italy’s magnificence is found everywhere; shadows cast on the grand Coliseum in Rome whisper of a powerful past, postcard perfect Dolomite mountains are apres-ski chic, fluffy Sardinian beaches host bodies draped in designer bikinis, and the visions of great art masters, the likes of Michelangelo and Caravaggio housed in palaces, may bring tears to ones’ eyes. 

Italy can almost feel like two countries, and in fact, different languages are spoken in many regions, influenced by neighbouring countries. From food to history to current affairs, Italians to the north and south of Rome approach life from a difference perspective. This all makes for a diverse and even more enjoyable experience for travellers. Italian is the official language however, English, French and German are also widely spoken. La dolce vita, the sweet life, is sought out by more than 65 million tourists annually, making Italy the 5th most popular travel destination in the world. Beyond visual arts, performers of ballet, opera, classical and modern music can be found all over the country with cities like Verona, Siena, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna and Naples as hot spots for live entertainment.  Italians like to enjoy life and there seems to be a different festival or special event tied to every month and region. Fashion flourishes in Milan and permeates the country. Beyond world-renewed clothing design houses, leather is expertly handled, and stunning gloves, handbags, and shoes are worthwhile indulgences.  

The mountain ranges of the Apennines and Dolomites, the active volcanos of Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius, the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Seas and the rolling hills of Tuscany; all set the stage for epic open-air adventures to suit whatever your outdoor crush happens to be.

Sitting at a café while the hours slip away along the coastlines in Amalfi or Cinque Terre may lead to a caffeine addiction you never knew you had. Might be time to catch a ferry and wander the islands of Sardinia, Capri, Ischia or Sicily where the pace of time slows down, even if your heart speeds up from the beauty of it all. Or maybe it was the espresso. Either way, Italy has the potential to quicken the ticker like a new romance.

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Duomo di Milano church in the early morning before sunrise
Colosseum in Rome without people in the morning
Grand canal on sunny day in Venice
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Beautiful view of the Mediterranean coast with lemons in the foreground
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A country dripping in Renaissance and Medici extravagance.

Italy has remained an enduring European destination for very good reason; this singular boot shaped country embodies the best of what Europe can offer. Somehow simple pleasures take on larger proportions in this dreamy land, where the language, the food, the history, and the culture revolve around beauty, pleasure and romance. From the canals in Venice to the clear waters of Lake Como, it is no wonder a million euros a year are thrown into Rome’s Trevi Fountain by visitors; they wish to return.

Colorful landscape view of Vernazza on sunset in Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italia

The Culture

Vineyards bake in the sun by Mount Vesuvius and street pizza in Naples tastes like a slice of heaven. Shopping in Milan’s boutiques will make fashionists swoon. Foodies may have trouble eating Italian anywhere else ever again after tasting the gastronomic majesty of Emilia-Romagna’s cuisine. Sip bitter, orange Aperol Spritz in at a café in fair Verona or Medieval Siena and watch the sun melt over the Piazza del Campo, the symbol of Tuscany. 

The beauty of these experiences is that Italians are as enamoured with their culture and heritage as any visitor will be. This pride of place is reflected in their attention to detail in their own daily lives.  Italians have grown up looking at art and history; it is infused into their communities through their architecture, their cuisine, and their dress. It is unlikely you will find an Italian donning sweats to go to the grocery store; fashion is important. Even outside of the fashion centres of Milan and Rome, Italians take time to dress as a way of personal artistic expression. It is no wonder the likes of Enzo Ferrari and Gianna Versace were born of this country where Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli had crafted their creative genius centuries before.  

Predominantly Roman Catholic, hundreds of thousands of beautiful churches have been built in Italy over the centuries. Home to the centre of Catholicism, Vatican City, the world’s smallest sovereign state, continues to house the current Pope within its walls. Inside more than 100 galleries are maintained, making it the largest and most affluent museum complex on the planet.  

Soccer may be the other primary religion of the country, with bars and coffee shops packed with locals cheering for their team on game days. Succumb to the Italian way and cheer for instant amici.

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