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Taiwan Geography and Maps

  • Coral coast line of Kenting National Park
  • Pavilion perched atop a cliff in the mountains
  • Mt. Jade is the highest mountain in Taiwan
  • Taroko National Park Waterfall Wonders
  • Kenting National Park

Located astride the Tropic of Cancer off the coast of mainland China, Taiwan is made up of the main island and the Penghu Archipelago which is composed of sixty-four islands and small islets. As of 2011, Taiwan’s population stood at 23,373,517 with the majority of people living in the rolling plains to the left of the main island. In the Penghu Archipelago, only twenty islands are inhabited, with more than 70% of the population living on the island of Penghu.

The geography of Taiwan can be divided into two, the plains of the west and the mountain terrain that characterizes the eastern two-thirds. The Chianan Plain to the west is a source of agriculture and houses the main planting area of sugarcane in Taiwan. Peanuts, corn and sweet potatoes are also cultivated there, and there are fish farms along the coast. The eastern two-thirds of Taiwan is dominated by five mountain ranges that run from north to south.

The Central Mountain Range extends from the northeast to Eluanbi at the southern tip of the island. The steep slopes and incredibly rugged forest terrain make the range almost impenetrable. The Hsuehshan Range is located northwest of the Central Mountain Range and the main peak is Syue Mountain at 3,886m (12,749 ft).

The Yushan Range is located along the southwestern flank of the Central Mountain Range and is home to the highest point in Taiwan, Yu Shan, or Jade Mountain which reaches 3,952m (12,966 ft). The Alishan Range is to the West of the Yushan Range and has elevations between 1,000 - 2,000m (6,562 ft). Finally, the East Coast Mountain Range runs from the Hualien River in the north to Taitung County in the south. Despite being classed as a mountain range, it is mostly composed of large hills.



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