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Netherlands Food & Drink

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The cuisine of the Netherlands is characterized by being hearty and filling. As a result of the country’s coastline, seafood is often on restaurant menus and is always served fresh. Fried soles, oysters, mussels from Zeeland and herring are particular favourites. When the Dutch colonized the East Indies, they brought back recipes and traditions, as such, Indonesian food is of very good quality in the Netherlands.  


Popular dishes include:

Stew (stampot): a very traditional meal, the stew contains meat, potatoes and other vegetables. There are different kinds of stampot, but some favourites include sauerkraut with smoked sausage or fried bacon or stewed potatoes with apples and bacon.

Cheese: Cheese is a major part of the Dutch food industry. The country makes more than 674,000 tons of cheese and exports it to 130 countries around the world!

Rijsttafel: This is an Indonesian rice dish that first came to the Netherlands in the 17th century.  It is a mix of 15-30 different small dishes that are all eaten with a bit of rice.

Broodjes: These are small buttered rolls made with ham, cheese or beef.

Poffertjes: This dish is similar to pancakes, but is traditionally sweeter and thicker. Often served with butter and sugar, it is a favourite Dutch snack.

Snert: This is a thick, split pea soup. It is usually eaten in winter and is accompanied by a bacon sandwich on rye bread.



Popular beers in Holland include Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel while wines from the Apostelhoeve and Slavante vineyards have gained some notoriety. A traditional Dutch spirit is Jenever – it is a straight gin that has a fiery taste.


Things to know:

If you are looking for native Dutch cuisine, keep an eye out for signs that say NEERLANDS DIS (this identifies restaurants that specialize in native Dutch food). While hotels and restaurants include 15% for VAT and service, it is traditional to leave small changes.


Drinking age:

16 for beer and wine, 18 for spirits.


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