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Poland Food & Drink

  • Dumplings fried with onion and parsley
  • Cabbage soup in a loaf of bread
  • Stuffed cabbage rolls
  • Vegetable pancakes


The cuisine of Poland has been greatly influenced by its neighbours and the many cultures that have inhabited it over the country’s long history. Dishes tend to be quite hearty and there is a large focus on meat (mostly pork, chicken, and beef). Soup is a traditional accompaniment to meals in Poland and they tend to be thick and rich. Bread is also an important part of Polish cuisine and it usually has a crunchy crust with a not too soft inside.


Popular dishes include:

Zurek: This is a Polish soup that contains stock, bacon, onions, mushrooms and sour cream as well as kwas (a kind of fermented rye).

Bigos: A traditional Polish stew, Bigos is made from sauerkraut and meat (usually kielbasa). It is often referred to as “hunter’s stew” because of the wild meat used in it.

Pierogi: These are Polish dumplings that are filled with various ingredients including potatoes, meat, cheese, mushrooms, sauerkraut, and more, served with sour cream. There is also a sweeter version that is filled with fruits and topped with sugar.

Kielbasa: There are several varieties of this Polish sausage, making it incredibly popular.

Golabki: These are cabbage rolls that are filled with meat (pork or beef), chopped onions and rice. A spicy tomato sauce traditionally accompanies them.

Gulasz: This is another popular stew that has meat, noodles and potatoes in it. Gulasz is seasoned with paprika.



Tea is a very popular drink in Poland and is often served with a lemon slice or with sugar. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, Poland is known for its vodka and for its beer. Vodka, or wódka, has been made in Poland for centuries and comes in many different varieties. It is important to note that Poles don’t mix vodka with anything, instead preferring to drink it neat. As mentioned, beer is also popular, and like vodka, there are many flavours available.


Things to know:

Leaving a tip of 10-15% for good service is appreciated in Poland.


Drinking age:




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