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Cambodia Culture

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Social Conventions

People from Cambodia are known for their kindness and warm welcomes, however, when visiting Cambodia there are certain social conventions that should be adhered to which will ensure a successful visit. One of the most important is that the Cambodian population believes that a person’s soul is in their head and it is therefore considered taboo to touch a person’s head. It is also taboo to point feet at people. Due to the politically tumultuous past that the country has faced, political topics should be approached with sensitivity.

Women should keep their shoulders covered and people should wear long clothing when visiting pagodas. Also, one should never sit cross-legged in pagodas.

Before taking pictures, it is considered polite to ask permission first, especially when taking pictures of monks. Certain areas are prohibited from photography such as military areas, railways and airports.



Thearavada Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia and is practiced by around 95% of the population. Christianity and Cham Muslim also have followings in Cambodia.


Khmer is the official language in Cambodia and is used in most social contexts as well as in government, education and in media. As Cambodia was a French protectorate for ninety years, French is still spoken by many of the older generations while the younger generation has shown a desire to learn English. English is now spoken widely in major cities and tourist areas and is taught in many schools.



Cambodia Travel Information

At Goway we believe that a well-informed traveller is a safer traveller. With this in mind, we have compiled an easy-to-navigate travel information section dedicated to Cambodia.

Learn about the history and culture of Cambodia, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase. Read about Cambodia's nature and wildlife, weather and geography, along with 'Country Quickfacts' compiled by our travel experts. Our globetrotting tips, as well as our visa and health information, will help ensure you're properly prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip. The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Cambodia for yourself. Start exploring… book one of our Cambodia tours today!


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