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Romania Food & Drink

  • Cabbage and smoked pork
  • Traditional bread challah
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Like many countries in Europe, the cuisine of Romania has been heavily influenced by its neighbours and invaders. Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, and Hungarian cultures have all had a hand in shaping the food of Romania. Many traditional meals centre on meat, however, pork is without a doubt the favourite. Soup is another major factor and is served first with many meals. 


Traditional dishes include:

Sarmale: These are cabbage rolls stuffed with pork and rice, served with sour cream. Samale is considered the national food of Romania.

Tochitura: Regions in Romania have their own versions of this dish. In general, it is a thick stew made with pork in a spicy tomato or wine sauce.  It is then topped with a fried egg.

Ciorba de burta: This soup is very popular and is made from tripe and flavoured with garlic.

Ciorba de perisoare: Another traditional soup, this dish includes minced pork meatballs, rice and spices.

Moldovan parjoale: These are highly spiced and flattened meat patties.

Mamaliga: This is considered a staple in Romania. It is simply mashed cornmeal and is often served as a side dish.



Romania has grown into one of Europe’s largest wine producers with many new wineries being established around the country. Popular beers include Ursus, Timisoreana, Silva, and Bersonbeer. Plum brandy is a local drink, but it is only advisable for serious drinkers!


Things to know:

Tipping between 5-10% is appreciated.


Drinking age:




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