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Traditionally, foreign influences and spices characterized Danish cuisine, however, recent decades have seen an interesting shift. Modern chefs have chosen to revolutionize the Danish food culture and there is now a large focus on using local ingredients and produce. With that in mind, fish naturally plays a large role in Danish food as a result of the county’s coastline.  Cheese and potatoes also have a significant impact on local cuisine.


Popular dishes include:

Smørrebrød: this is a traditional Danish lunch that is made up of a slice of dark bread topped with butter, sliced meat, fish, or cheese.

Gule ærter:  In English, this is pea soup that is often served with salted pork, carrots and other available vegetables.

Kolat bord: Another favourite lunch dish, this is a cold buffet that is made up of various dishes, but almost always begins with pickled herring. (Meatballs, liver paste, and pork tenderloin are more examples of what may be included). 

Boller i karry: Served with rice and cucumber salad, boller I karry are pork meatballs cooked in a curry sauce.

Apple Charlotte: This is a favourite Danish dessert made from stewed sweetened apples, bread crumbs, and crushed almond-flavoured meringue that are all layered. This treat is then topped with whipped cream and redcurrant jelly and is served cold.

Hot Dog Vans: This is the fast food of choice for Danes and hot dog vans can be found around the country. They serve many different types of sausages, but one of the most famous is the Danish red sausage.



Danish schnapps is called Akvavit and is a high-proof spirit. It is best to drink Akvavit with a beer chaser. Beer is a very popular drink throughout Denmark with world-famous brews such as Carlsberg and Tuberg available internationally. The most popular type of beer in the country is pilsner, which is a lager.


Things to know:

Usually, hotels and restaurants include a tip in the bill.


Drinking age:



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