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Nestled on the southeastern coast of China, Macau is an amalgamation of holidays, festivities, and entertainment. This tiny autonomous region is often dubbed "The Las Vegas of Asia" because of its entertainment and gambling activities. To the southern part of Macau lies the epicentre of giant casinos and malls. This is where all the entertainment happens. That's not all. Macau is beyond gambling, shopping and entertainment. Go to the old town, and you will sense a rich cultural history, signifying Portuguese and Chinese culture. In fact, Macau is home to 25 historic sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Isn't it amazing that a small region has perfectly blended cultural heritage with modernity and casinos? Well, that's the reason it attracts millions of globetrotters every year. Macau is home to numerous historical gems showcasing a slice of both Portugal and China. You'll find cobbled streets and Western architecture that have been declared World Heritage sites. The ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral is one such example, which is not only a symbol of Macau but is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This magnificent structure was one of the largest churches in Asia in the 17th century and was known as the "Vatican of the East." The intricate designs and the architecture are a beauty to behold.

While Macau has a deep historical significance, its glamorous casinos, malls, and entertainment spots bring millions of travellers every year. Similar to the Las Vegas Strip, where all the casinos are stacked together, Macau's Cotai Strip has the same setting. The strip offers a luxurious gaming experience that rivals Las Vegas. Macau is not only about gaming. It is home to some of the best entertainment shows in the world. It hosts international concerts and world-class entertainment shows, like House of Dancing Water, a show that spellbound travellers with its water-based show, blending artistry with technology.

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Macau: A Gaming and Entertainment Paradise

From casinos and historical sites to tranquil landscapes, Macau has everything that a traveller is looking for. Besides the entertainment and sightseeing, Macau has a diverse cuisine, blending East with West. When you are in Macau, indulge in these delectable dishes and experience the taste of both worlds.

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier at Macau, Macao, China

The Culture

Macau's culture is a blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Whether it is food, music, or festivals, you can see the influence of both these cultures. This fusion has given Macau a unique identity, which sets it apart from the rest of its neighbouring countries.

The dressing style is one such area where you can see an influence of both Western and Chinese cultures. The more elite people in Macau wear Western clothes, while other social groups wear traditional clothes. Based on their beliefs, they either wear Portuguese or Chinese traditional costumes. In Chinese costumes, men wear Tangzhuang, and women wear Qipao. Take the time out and experience their traditional costumes when in Macau, which will make you connect deeply with their culture.

This may sound strange, but gambling is an integral part of their culture. Its growing gambling scene has given Macau the name — Las Vegas of Asia. People from all around the world visit Macau for gambling, which has led to the creation of employment opportunities for the locals. Some of the popular casinos include Galaxy Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, and other casino hotels. Try your luck on some of these games when you are in Macau.

The state administration of Macau doesn't propagate a particular religion. People of Macau are free to practice any religion. Since there is heavy Chinese influence, Buddhism is practiced widely. Other than this, locals follow Roman Catholicism, Islam, and Taoism.

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