Aerial view of the cityscape of downtown Vaduz, Liechtenstein on an overcast day.
Downtown Vaduz
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Liechtenstein Vacations

A nation with natural beauty in gigantic proportions

Snuggled between Switzerland and Austria, this tiny nation is known for its stunning Alpine landscapes and a tapestry of culture and history. From castles, cathedrals, snow-capped mountains, and leisure activities, to culinary delights, Liechtenstein has it all. When you visit this country, you will experience a part of the culture, leisure, adventure, and a vacation that will stay with you forever.

Liechtenstein's beauty is nothing less than a fairy tale. The place boasts stunning snow-capped mountains and some of the most picturesque hiking trails in the world. One such trail is the Furstensteig Trail, which is a classic mountain hike in Liechtenstein. As you begin the hike, you will witness breathtaking views, and as you progress, the trail reveals some spectacular views that will be remembered forever. That's not all. Liechtenstein is more than hiking trails. It offers an unforgettable winter sports experience. The Malbun region is a haven for skiing enthusiasts. The skiers are treated to scenic views of the Vaduz and the Rhine from an altitude of 1600 metres. In addition to this, the prices are reasonable, and the skiing facilities are well maintained, giving you a skiing experience that you never thought of.

On one side there is the natural beauty and on the other side, Liechtenstein is steeped in history and culture. The capital Vaduz is a blend of charming medieval castles and modern architecture. The Vaduz Castle is breathtaking and is the home of Liechtenstein's royal family. Sitting on the top of a hill, this castle offers captivating views of the entire city. It's a must-visit place.

Beyond the scenic landscapes and the culture, Liechtenstein offers a serene atmosphere. If you are looking for a trip where you can unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings, Liechtenstein doesn't disappoint you. ook your tickets now to discover Liechtenstein's tranquil charm.

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Liechtenstein: a tale of castles and countryside

From medieval castles, and cathedrals, to nature's splendour, Liechtenstein perfectly blends culture with beauty.

Vaduz town, panoramic view of the capital of Liechtenstein with Alps mountains in background, Europe

The Culture

German is the official language spoken in this part of the world. However, due to its proximity to its neighbouring countries, the locals also speak English, French, and Italian. So, when you plan on going to Liechtenstein, make sure to learn some basic words and phrases of the German language. Words like Guten Tag (Hello) and Danke (Thank you) will help you connect with the locals.

When it comes to customs and traditions, locals have great respect for nature and community. While in the country, make sure that you show respect to nature. Besides this, locals treat guests as their gods. Hospitality is ingrained in their culture, so you can expect friendly treatment from the locals.

Liechtenstein is a land of festivals. There are several festivals taking place every year like National Day on 15th August, the cooking festival in spring and the carnival in autumn. Among all these, the National Day on 15th August is special because it is the birthday of the prince. The day is celebrated with parades and fireworks, and the locals showcase their national identity through traditional costumes. If you are planning to visit Liechtenstein, make a visit around this festival time to experience a unique side of their culture.

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