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Enjoy a Serene Slice of the South Pacific on a Samoa Vacation

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Published on Jul 13, 2016
Bronwyn Hodge
By Bronwyn HodgeGeneral Manager

The volcanic island of Samoa is a tropical island of great contrasts. Here, green countryside and lush valleys meet rugged coastlines, deserted beaches, and a wild blue ocean. Hiking trails snake their way through the mountainside past deafening waterfalls, volcanic lava fields, and verdant rainforests. Situated deep in the pristine South Pacific, this isolated island promises an unbeatable holiday without the crowds. Here are some of our top reasons to enjoy a peaceful Samoa vacation. Off the Beaten Track While Samoa offers the best that the South Pacific has to offer, from crystal clear waters to powder white beaches, it remains blissfully off the tourism radar. Even though it undoubtedly embraces tourism with open arms, Samoa remains largely "wild." The humble island has yet to be overrun by flashy hotels and fast cars, and retains an authentic island feel that is so rare in this modern day. It’s not often you get to take advantage of such a gorgeous, postcard-worthy location without the crowds.

Couple at Fuipisia Waterfall, Upolu, Samoa
Bike to Fuipisia Waterfall in Upolu

Watch the First Sunrise of the World For over a hundred years, Samoa lay just east of the International Date Line and held the claim to fame of being the last place on earth to see the sunset. Since it moved the date line to align with the USA, it is now the very first place on earth to watch the sunrise, offering an experience that is both electrifying and humbling at the same time. Make sure you get up early at least once on your holiday so that you can savour this magical moment for yourself. And…relax! Once you step foot on the island of Samoa, it’s time to adjust to “island time.” Nobody rushes. Nobody stresses. It feels as though everyone is always on holiday. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, action-packed holiday with high-energy activities, Samoa should not be your first choice. Here, your Samoa vacation is more about pressing the snooze button that little bit longer, lazy days on the beach catching up on some holiday reading, or snorkelling at a leisurely pace through the crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific. Relaxation is vital, and stress is nowhere to be found.

Couple Taking Selfies at Afu Aau Waterfall, Savaii, Samoa
Afu Aau Waterfall in Savaii

Spectacular Scenery Samoa’s scenery is pristine and dramatic. Magnificent rocky coastlines erupt with trumpeting blowholes, hiking trails run through forests and beaches, and a spectacular ocean trench is one of Samoa’s best kept secrets. Heralded “the world’s most magical swimming pool,” the To Sua Ocean Trench (literally translating to “Big Hole” in Samoan) in Upolu is made up of an enormous natural swimming hole connected to an ancient lava tube cave that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The swimming hole is filled with verdant greenery, an abundance of tropical fish, and a ladder offers safe entry into the warm aquamarine waters.

Samoa boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Soft white sands are bordered by towering coconut palms and crystal-clear waters. Take the time to snorkel and dive through the ocean and lagoons of Samoa and you’ll come across some spectacular scenery in a world of its own - life underwater. The water around the island is home to over 900 different species of fish. Keep an eye out for brilliant blue starfish, exuberant corals, and diverse schools of fascinating tropical fish. Don’t miss Turtle Minefield, home to a variety of green turtles, and the Namua Garden, home to a plethora of soft and hard wall coral, along with white-tip sharks and barracuda.

Couple Diving in Samoa
Explore underwater beauty in Samoa

The Heart of Polynesia What makes Samoa so unique is undoubtedly its people. Samoans are a fiercely proud, deeply religious people who always have a smile to spare. Incredibly family-orientated by nature and culture, the people of Samoa will welcome you as part of their own family. Don’t be surprised if you’re stopped on the street simply for the chance to engage in a conversation with one of the locals. Samoa is known as the “heart of Polynesia,” and for most returning visitors, coming to Samoa is like coming back home.

With such incredible natural scenery and friendly people, it’s only a matter of time before the crowds catch on. Plan your Samoa vacation today!


By Bronwyn Hodge

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Bronwyn Hodge
Bronwyn Hodge
Goway - General Manager

Growing up in a family travel business, Bronwyn has been travelling from a very young age. Her favourite experience was 3 months spent backpacking through India and Southeast Asia. She counts many countries among her ‘favourites,’ but is especially fond of Australia for its lifestyle, Cambodia for its culture and resilience, and Japan for its contrasts. She holds the proud distinction of being Goway’s only former Bollywood star – having once starred in a Coke commercial in Mumbai.

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