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Goway’s Top Destinations for 2024

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Published on Apr 11, 2024
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We love listmaking and the excitement that comes in January when an entire year lies ahead. It inspires us to dream, to think about the meaningful adventures we want to have, and to plan ahead to make these adventures come to life.

We want you to start dreaming about your next trip, so we’re sharing a list of the top destinations for 2024. However, in place of a standard top 10 list, we’re instead sharing six smaller lists, which showcase the destinations best suited to some of the unique ways you can explore the world. Every traveller is unique and wants to explore the world in their own way, and these lists showcase some of the unique ways to do just that.

So keep reading to discover your own way to explore the world in 2024. These are Goway’s top destinations for 2024.

Top 5 Destinations for Small Group Journeys in 2024

medieval town at the top of a hill overlooking valley

Great travel memories are best made with others. These destinations are great for shared experiences with a core crew of like-minded travellers. Slow down the pace, go beyond the ordinary, and experience hidden gems that bring fabulous countries to life. And explore them on Odysseys by Goway, our line of unforgettable small group journeys.

1. Italy

Whether you’re bonding over a hearty meal of fresh pasta and red wine or sharing the view on the Amalfi Coast, Italy is made for exploring with others.

2. Japan

There are few greater joys in life than donning a yukata, feasting on a 10-course kaiseke dinner in a ryokan, and then retiring to an onsen to ease away your aches and pains. And sharing this experience with others makes it extra special, something that’s only possible in Japan.

3. New Zealand

With awe-inspiring mountain vistas, sweeping coastlines, great wines and fresh flavours in boutique towns that are just about the most adorable things you’ve ever seen, New Zealand is tailor-made for small group travel.

4. Southern Africa

From the colours of Cape Town in South Africa to the raging torrents of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa is a great place to join others on safari game drives and unforgettable cultural encounters in some of the world’s most beautiful environments.

5. Peru

What’s better than exploring the Amazon rainforest or gazing upon the jaw-dropping ruins of Machu Picchu in the midst of the Sacred Valley of the Incas? Sharing these life-changing experiences with others.

Top 5 Destinations to Check Off Your Bucket List in 2024

opera hosue and city skyline on the harbour

Looking to make your friends jealous or fulfill a lifelong dream? These destinations are made for you. They’re all splash, no fuss, exceptional spots that will create the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

1. Australia

Home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Uluru/Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, koalas, and kangaroos and didgeridoos, the world’s oldest living society, and some of the world’s most livable cities. It’s hard to top Australia when it comes to bucket list experiences.

2. India

The Taj Mahal alone puts India near the top of this list. Add to it all the other wonders of the subcontinent, from tiger safaris in Ranthambore to a magical cruise along the Ganges in Varanasi, and you’ve got the makings of a trip that redefines travel magic.

3. East Africa

The Serengeti in Tanzania. The Masai Mara in Kenya. It’s hard to top either when it comes to safari game parks. That’s why seeing them both is one of those life changing experiences that defines bucket list travel.

4. Chile

The mysteries of Easter Island/Rapa Nui and the enigmatic moai are some of those things that have to be seen to be believed. Mainland Chile is just as jaw-dropping, from the driest desert in the world in the Atacama of the north to the wind-swept steppes and glacial mountains of Patagonia in the south.

5. Alaska

Of all the places closer to home, few fuel the imagination like Alaska, home to grizzly bears and bald eagles and the Northern Lights and mountain views that take your breath away. If you want to cross an item off your bucket list without heading too far afield, head north to Alaska and finally witness its natural wonder for yourself.

Top 5 Destinations to Soak Up the Culture in 2024

small boats passing through ride paddies along a river

Connecting with other cultures is much of the fun of exploring the world. These destinations, with their fresh flavours, historical wonders, and friendly people are sure to dazzle you and showcase the best cultural encounters of the year.

1. Vietnam

The food is great, the people are fascinating, and the cultural pride is a sight to behold. Vietnam is a place to cherish, from the markets, villages, and rice paddies of the north to the electric nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City in the south.

2. Egypt

There are no historical landmarks that thrill quite like the pyramids. And in Egypt, the pyramids only scratch the surface when it comes to the historical wonder on display.

3. England

Home to Shakespeare, Monty Python, the Royal Family, and London’s West End, if you’re looking to hit up a musical, explore great literature, or simply hang out with a pint in hand, there are few better places for a cultural getaway than England.

4. Spain

Did someone mention bright flavours? The delights of tapas are enough to recommend a trip to Spain, and that’s without even mentioning Gaudi’s masterworks, flamenco dance, and the endless delights of the Spanish lifestyle. Oh wait, we just did.

5. Brazil

From the colours of Carnival to the flavours of churrasco, once you encounter Brazilian culture, you’ll never forget it.

Top 5 Destinations to Relax in 2024

person in an infinity pool looking at ocean with overwater bungalows and a mountain silhouette

Enjoy beautiful destinations that provide the ultimate escape from the ordinary. Lounge on sandy beaches, stay in gorgeous resorts, and try out relaxing lifestyles that just make you want to lie back and take a load off.

1. The Islands of Tahiti

Home to overwater bungalows, verdant mountainsides, white-sand beaches, and year-round warm weather, there are few spots that look more like paradise than French Polynesia.

2. Costa Rica

Only a few hours south lies a biodiverse wonderland that’s home to sloths, toucans, and scarlet macaws, dense rainforests, friendly people, and long, sandy beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific.

3. Thailand

Whether you’re looking to recharge your mind and body with personalized wellness treatments in premium resorts or simply want to swim in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand, Thailand is your ideal Asian beach getaway.

4. The Maldives

A beach escape doesn’t get more refined than one in the Maldives, where private island resorts with overwater bungalows and easy access to the waters invite you to feel like royalty in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

5. Greece

In Greece, relaxation comes with a side of historical wonder. On the Greek Islands, historic ruins of Ancient Greece and jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes lie just outside gorgeous accommodations and adorable villages that take in the breathtaking environment.

Top 5 Destinations to Go Off the Beaten Path in 2024

golden statue of a god against the backdrop of a lush mountain

Looking to go beyond the ordinary? These spots are for you. They include the world’s last geographical frontier, its most remote and diverse cultural oasis, and some of the world’s most astounding natural and cultural locales that deserve some extra attention.

1. Malaysia

Malaysia is home to one of the world’s great cities, Kuala Lumpur, as well as some of its densest rainforests, especially on the island of Borneo where some of the world’s only orangutans still live in the wild. It’s just to the south of Thailand, so not far from the tourist trail, but full of wonders you’ll never forget.

2. Antarctica

There is no destination more distant or truly adventurous than Antarctica. The world’s last frontier is a place to spot penguins, kayak alongside whales, and explore an endless landscape of white and blue that redefines the majesty of nature.

3. Papua New Guinea

In terms of culture, few destinations are as truly remote as Papua New Guinea, which only had contact with the western world in the last century and which remains completely unknown to the vast majority of travellers. It’s a great place to truly get out there and experience an untamed wilderness and one of the world’s most diverse nations, with over 800 languages spoken within its borders.

4. Botswana

Botswana often plays second fiddle to its neighbours, but this southern African nation is an eco-sanctuary with diverse natural landscapes and an abundance of wildlife. The Okavango Delta to Chobe National Park, if you want to explore wetlands and spot elephants in abundance, this is the place to be.

5. Colombia

You might quibble with Colombia being on this list, but we still don’t think it gets its due with the wider travel world. Colombia is home to remarkable cities, gorgeous coastlines, lush jungles, and the kind of cultural wonder that leaves a lasting impression. Head south and finally experience it for yourself.

Top 5 Destinations to Explore with Your Group of 10 or More in 2024

iron tower alongside a river with blue sky

Travelling solo is fun, but it’s extra special to go with your crew, whether that’s your multi-generational family, your sports team, or your religious organization. These destinations are tailor-made for group travellers, with the mix of nature, culture, and history that caters to groups, no matter their interests. Goway Groups Only are the experts in group travel for any group of 10 or more travellers, so get in touch if you want to experience the fun of custom group travel.

1. France

There are few places like France, where Paris alone delights travellers with food, history, culture, and some of the loveliest architecture in the world. If your group wants to explore the historical sites of Normany, including its World War II battlefields, or enjoy the sunny culture of the French Riviera, France is the place to be. Pair it with England for the ultimate group travel combo.

2. Brazil

Into nature? Into great food? Want to hit up the beach with your crew or track exotic animals in the world’s largest rainforest? Head to Brazil, where the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls, and its countless other wonders demonstrate the sheer variety that a single nation can contain.

3. Thailand

Looking for a surefire hit with your larger crew? Head to Thailand, where the great food, gorgeous nature, friendly people, and wealth of experiences always put a smile on people’s faces.

4. Ghana

If your group is looking to trace your heritage or simply experience a side of Africa you don’t know enough about, Ghana is the place to be. It’s safe, friendly, and full of fascinating sites, from the bustling capital, Accra, to the sombre history of the Cape Coast to its lush and affordable game parks.

5. Australia

Australia is a world unto itself and there are a few limits to what a group vacation can be here. Head on a wine tour across the Southeast from the Hunter Valley to the Yarra Valley to the Barossa Valley and beyond. Get up close to koalas and kangaroos or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Stick to the cities and eat your way across Oz. Or combine all these elements together for the ultimate taster of Australia’s travel delights.

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