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Iguassu Falls: Go Beyond Rio on Your Brazilian Vacation

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Published on Nov 15, 2016
Don Forster
By Don ForsterTrade Training Manager

Stylish Rio de Janiero is the perfect mix of culture, relaxation, and adventure. Imagine a city surrounded by gorgeous mountains, littered with white sandy beaches, and a view of the Atlantic Ocean with the lush rainforest as its backdrop. Rio, known as the marvelous city, always lives up to its expectation. Yet beyond the stylish city lies an incredible natural wonder that can sometimes go unnoticed, but should be explored on any Brazil vacation. Iguassu Falls, the exquisite thundering of 275 individual drops, has awed tourists, locals, and indigenous inhabitants for centuries. The massive falls originate from the Iguazu River and are located on the border of Brazil (in the state of Paraná) and Argentina. Known as Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Iguacu Falls in Brazil, travellers often find that the perspective or image of Iguassu Falls changes with every step. Special walkways have been built around the Falls to allow visitors to get close up to this wonder of natural beauty and power. Surrounded by lush hiking trails and jungle wildlife species, they can be explored over several days.

Aerial view of Rio and Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil
Aerial view of Rio and Christ the Redeemer statue

The Argentina Side and the Brazil Side

Iguassu Falls are shared by two UNESCO World Heritage listed national parks - Brazil’s Iguaçu National Park and Argentina’s Iguazú National Park, and can be visited from either side. It is said that the Argentinean side allows visitors to see various panoramic views of the Falls while also providing them with the opportunity to view the water flow and surrounding area from atop the falls. The Brazilian side provides the most inclusive and comprehensive panoramic views of the falls. To get up close and personal with the incredible feat of the elements, visitors should take one of the exhilarating boat rides that take you directly into the falls. Prepare to get wet and have a blast at the same time!

Speedboat Getting Up Close in Iguassu Falls, Argentina
Speedboat getting up close to Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Panoramic Helicopter Flight

Get a spectacular aerial view of Iguassu Falls during an unforgettable helicopter ride. Board a safe, state-of-the-art helicopter flown by an experienced pilot in Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side. You’ll soar above the magnificent falls to get a bird's-eye view of the Falls and the surrounding rainforest while enjoying commentary from your pilot. Hover over the rushing waters as you watch from above, as 275 different waterfalls plummet over the edge and crash into the swirling pools below. This is the ultimate way to see this incredible natural wonder. Be sure to bring your camera for magnificent photo ops.

Iguassu Falls Helicopter Tour, Brazil Argentina
Iguassu Falls helicopter tour

When To Go

Iguassu is located in a temperate rainforest climate, meaning that the seasons are fairly consistent throughout the year. There is really not a bad time to enjoy a Brazil vacation and visit the Falls. The high season for Brazilians and Argentinians are the months of January and February. The months of May and July bring higher water levels and more rain, amplifying the force and significance of the water flowing over the falls. The best time to explore Iguazu Falls may be during the months of September and October, when the weather is nicer, the falls are beautiful, and the area is less crowded. An Iguassu Falls tour can be arranged by Goway according to your budget - whether you're looking for something high end, more cost-effective, or a combination of both. When it comes to itinerary design we know the most popular destinations and have the in-house experts to construct the perfect and ideal getaway for your next Brazil tour.

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Don Forster
Don Forster
Goway - Trade Training Manager

Born in Australia and raised in Canada and Papua New Guinea, Don took his first solo trip to Bali – aged just 13. Since then, Don’s travels have taken him to every continent. He’s been a backpacker in Asia, Europe and Egypt, an overland adventurer in East and Southern Africa, and an overland driver in South and Central America. He is especially fond of Peru, Patagonia and Namibia, though his longest adventure to date has been a London to Kathmandu run via the Middle East.

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