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I grew up in Perth and was lucky enough to take advantage of the close Asian destinations, visiting Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. I always knew I wanted to be in the travel industry. Being a travel agent is what I fell in love with and did for five years in Perth. I honeymooned in Fiji and in 2009 the shared love for travel brought me and my husband to Canada. Since then I have been able to visit more of Australia as well as the beautiful Cook Islands and Tahiti. Whenever I return to Perth (now with kids in tow), I always like to do a stopover to visit somewhere new or somewhere loved. Most Canadians think we are crazy to move from sunny Perth to Canada, but now I am lucky enough to have two homes, the best of both worlds. I get to share my knowledge and experiences with my clients and make their vacation dreams come true.

My favourite places

  • Perth


    My hometown is always a favourite. It has uncrowded, white sandy beaches that stretch for miles, bars and restaurants downtown as well as the newly developed Elizabeth Quay, two wine regions, one within 30 minutes of downtown, and a rich history that the port city of Fremantle offers. It has something for everyone.

  • Melbourne


    Known for its culture and fashion, Melbourne has a lot to offer, from its unique lanes and arcades filled with restaurant and bars to the breathtaking coastal cliffs of the 12 Apostles. You can see koalas and kangaroos by day and little penguins by nights. If time permits, catch an Aussie rules footy game.

  • Cook Islands


    A great option as a stopover on the way to Australia or New Zealand or just as an island getaway. It's also on the same side of the dateline as us, so there's no jetlag. The Cooks offer an array of activities such as snorkelling, lagoon cruises, cultural shows and dinners, and markets. And the beaches are unbeatable.

  • Darwin


    Completely different than everywhere else in Australia, Darwin is a must-do in the right season. During the dry season you can access Kakadu National Park, which is known for its history and Aboriginal culture, or Litchfield National Park, which is filled with breathtaking waterfalls, some of which you can swim in.

Did you know?

  • Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world and has a population of just over 2 million people.
  • You can have a stopover on the way to New Zealand or Australia for the same price as a direct flight.
  • Platypuses are highly poisonous. They have enough poison to kill a dog or even make a human seriously ill.
  • Taxes are included in the price when in Australia and New Zealand so there are no suprises when you pay.