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African Safari Vacations plus much more

  • Lions up close in the bush
  • A leopard crossing road with tourists in jeep in background
  • Two hippopotamus fighting it out in the waters of Kenya
  • One of the worlds most endangered animals - the mountain gorilla
  • A cheetah and her cub in the Serengeti National Park  - Tanzania
  • Enjoy African Safari Vacations

Wherever animals are found in large numbers, it is exciting to see them in their natural habitat. For the most part, this means travelling to parts of the world that are conducive to their survival.  The most popular game-viewing safaris are to be found in Africa but not exclusively but an African safari is a good place to start your game-viewing experience. 

The word safari is a Swahili word meaning journey when the indigenous natives would go hunting to provide themselves with food, hides etc. Today a safari is not to harm but to view animals and in this eco-friendly way, it has a positive impact on and benefits local communities through employment for local people as guides, lodge employees etc.

About African Safaris

Your African safari typically includes several game drives with an experienced driver/guide plus sometimes, a tracker. Usually, there are 3 types of game drives which take place in the morning, afternoon and nighttime. The morning game drive is usually taken early before the sun gets too hot. The afternoon game drive is usually taken later in the day for the same reason. On a night drive, the dark brings out the nocturnal animals and the predators which are on the prowl looking for their next meal.

What are walking Safaris?

Another style of game viewing is a walking safari. This can be undertaken as an alternative to one of your regular vehicle game drives. Nothing brings you closer to an African adventure quite like this. You walk with an experienced guide who will show you which animals are or have been in the vicinity by studying their tracks and footprints.

What are fly-in Safaris?

You might want to consider a fly-in African safari. These are popular, especially in Kenya and Tanzania. You avoid long road transfers by simply landing on a private airstrip from the nearest major airport and your game viewing is immediately underway.


In East Africa, the game drives will be within a reasonable range from the lodge or camp in the game park in which you decide to stay. It is highly recommended that to maximize your African safari, you visit other game parks to view a selection of different animals and terrains. In Southern Africa, you can experience maximum enjoyment by deciding to stay at one location. It is known for its luxury accommodations sometimes with its own landing strip and territory. However, there is a mutual arrangement between lodges allowing safari vehicles to roam freely throughout each other’s territory. Wherever you decide to go, your game viewing is pretty certain to be in a small vehicle with open sides and possibly an open top. You will usually share it with several other safari-going participants. The average size of a safari vehicle can vary but the ideal is anywhere from 6 to 10 passenger vehicles. The professionalism and experience of the guides are very significant as they need to be able to “deliver the goods” as it were, to lead you to some thrilling game encounters. 

In Africa, there are 1100 different species of animals and 2600 different bird species. Of course, these numbers are not found in any one specific game park but you will experience a satisfying number during any Africa safari vacation. Incidentally, Africa has the fastest, largest and strangest animals anywhere in the world. This also includes, sadly, a number of endangered species.

What are the Big Five?

Everyone has heard about the Big Five (lion, leopard, African buffalo, elephant and black rhinoceros). These can be seen in either East or Southern Africa. It is a fact that there are more lions in Kenya and Tanzania than anywhere else but they are still in abundance elsewhere.  Botswana is home to approximately 80% of Southern Africa’s elephant population and huge herds are a common sight. Rwanda and Uganda are primarily known for their gorilla and chimpanzee populations and nothing beats a trek in these countries to come close to these primates. A major attraction on an African safari could be the Great Migration seen in Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. The two-game reserves are adjoined and literally, hundreds of thousands of animals travel twice a year, one north to south around October and one south to north around July, in search of food and water. You might be fortunate to experience a rare sighting of a lion or a leopard sitting in a tree either asleep or just relaxing.  You might want to try wildlife viewing on the back of an elephant. This can be done in both Botswana and Zimbabwe. Or perhaps you might like to enjoy a cruise safari on board a boat down the river in Botswana getting reasonably close to hippos and crocodiles. If you are a “birder”, there are literally thousands of different exotic species of birds in just about any of Goway’s African Safari destinations. One amazing sight is the vast number of flamingos which congregate in Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya totalling over 1 million.  

Any time is a good time to view animals. However, when considering an African safari, the weather might be a factor but not a hindrance. In East Africa, October and April are considered the wet seasons and are, for the most part, the off-season prices but the animals are still very much in evidence. In Southern Africa, it is rainy generally between November and March but again, not a major factor while viewing wildlife.

Most African safaris include accommodation in lodges be they basic or luxurious. However, there is also the ability to have tented accommodation. This is not your Boy Scout or family outing tent vacation. You don’t rough it as you get all the luxuries of a room with a comfortable bed and a complete bathroom more often than not. This is a totally different experience as you are virtually out there in the bush listening to the thrilling sound of animals in the African night.  

Goway’s African safaris cover all the major countries offering excellent game viewing. These include East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Uganda and in Southern Africa, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia.



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