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5 Reasons to Travel to Australia & New Zealand with Goway

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Published on Sep 28, 2023
Aren Bergstrom
By Aren BergstromManaging Editor, Globetrotting Magazine

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most beautiful, exciting destinations in the world. They’re also destinations close to our heart. We’ve been sending travellers to explore the land Downunder for almost as long as we’ve been a company, and we’re passionate about sharing the wonders of these South Pacific destinations.

If you’re planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand or simply dreaming about a vacation Downunder, consider travelling with Goway. We have the experience and the passion to help you explore these dream destinations your way.

Tailor-made trips to Australia & New Zealand

Why you should plan a trip to Australia or New Zealand with Goway.

1. Goway offers over 200 tailor-made travel packages to Australia and New Zealand.

We love to offer variety, with over 200 travel packages to Australia and New Zealand to choose from. Most of these ideas are fully-customizable, so we can tailor them to your exact needs, adding on a city here, swapping an excursion there. You can combine Sydney and Melbourne with Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, or start your journey in Auckland and work your way down to Queenstown and Milford Sound. We also feature the entirety of both nations, so you don’t have to compromise where you want to travel in these beautiful nations.

2. We’ve been sending travellers to Australia and New Zealand for over 50 years.

We have a lot of experience sending travellers to Australia and New Zealand. We’ve been doing it since the early 1970s, so we know the ins and outs of travel to these nations, as well as the best ways to craft a dream vacation there. We have strong relationships with tour operators and airlines so we can get the best deals and air connections for you. In 2019, we sent over 10,000 travellers to the South Pacific, so we’ve got a lot of expertise and experience in planning dream vacations here. Rely on our knowledge to help you explore the land Downunder.

3. No matter your travel interests, we’ve got a trip for you.

We don’t feature just one way to explore Australia or New Zealand. We know that the right trip Downunder is the right trip for you. That’s why we offer a multitude of travel styles, from classic coach tours to private-guided experiences, outdoor adventures to road trips, family vacations to romantic honeymoon getaways. We also cover every budget level, so if you want to stay in a 5-star resort off the Great Barrier Reef or cute bed and breakfasts in the pastoral inland of New Zealand’s South Island, we’ve got a trip and accommodation for you.

4. Our expert team is passionate about making your travel dreams come true.

We love Downunder and our team spends as much time as they can there to remain experts in the region. Many of our Destination Specialists hail from Australia and New Zealand, and the ones who don’t have travelled extensively throughout them. Some have even lived there. So our team has first-hand knowledge of these destinations as well as extensive training. So if you’re curious about the best time to visit the Australian outback or want to know the best place to spot whales or dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, ask one of our experts. They know these destinations inside and out.

5. We always feature exciting new experiences and off the beaten path destinations.

We love Australia and New Zealand, but we don’t only feature the most popular destinations. We love to showcase destinations that don’t get their due. We love to send travellers to Brisbane, the fastest growing city in Australia and one of the most appealing gateways to the nation with new direct flights from North America. We love to plan a road trip through the Central North Island New Zealand to help travellers experience the shifting landscapes of volcanic parks and coastal forests that define this underrated region. If you want to sleep on the Great Barrier Reef—yes, you read that correctly—meet wild dolphins at a coastal resort in Queensland, or hike on a glacier in New Zealand, you can do it with Goway. You can also check our Special Offers for limited-time deals on trips to Australia and New Zealand.

There are so many ways to explore Australia and New Zealand. Explore them with Goway, No. 1 to Downunder.

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Aren Bergstrom
Aren Bergstrom
Goway - Managing Editor, Globetrotting Magazine

You might say that Aren was destined to become a globetrotter after his family took him to Germany two times before he was four. If that wasn’t enough, a term spent in Sweden as a young teenager and a trek across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand confirmed that destiny. An independent writer, director, and film critic, Aren has travelled across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. His favourite travel experience was visiting the major cities of Japan’s largest island, Honshu, but his love for food, drink, and film will take him anywhere that boasts great art and culture.

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