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  • Plaza Real in Barcelona - always a popular spot to hang out on during Spain holidays.
  • Plaza Mayor de Madrid
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  • Gran Via in Madrid

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar; to the north and northeast by France and Andorra and to the west and northwest by Portugal. It is one of only three countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.  Spanish territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African Coast, all to be enjoyed on Spain holidays. It is the second largest country in Western Europe and the fifth largest country in Europe.

Why consider a Spain Vacation?

As a tourist destination, Spain is very important for many reasons. It is the 4th most visited country in the world and has 13 cities recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. One consideration is the all year round mild climate.  Other attractions are its many beautiful sandy beaches, its art, culture and architecture all to be experienced in many of the major Spanish cities.

What are the top cities to visit?


Madrid is a well laid out, very walkable city interspersed with wide avenues, historic neighbourhoods, and plenty of green parkland. Start with an exploration of the Plaza Mayor, the grandiloquent rectangular central square of Madrid, with a long history. Not far from the Plaza Mayor is another smaller but equally charming plaza, the Puerta del Sol. The very impressive Palacio Real de Madrid (the Royal Palace), the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family but only used for state ceremonies. It is the largest royal palace in Europe containing a wealth of art by major artists. The Almudena Cathedral, completed in the late 19th Century, houses a museum and you can enjoy some spectacular views of Madrid from the dome. 

Madrid is blessed with some outstanding art galleries. The Prado Museum is world-famous and has one of the finest collections of European art, dating from the 12th century to the early 19th century. It is one of the most visited museums in the world. Another major gallery is the Reina Sofia Museum, which is dedicated to modern art of the 20th century, mainly Spanish. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is an art museum that fills in the gaps left by the other two. Here you can enjoy art from the medieval period to the present day, including Cubism and Pop Art.

Near to Madrid is the Castile region. Toledo is a fortified walled city and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located on a hill, once you step inside, it is like going back in time on a trip to Spain. There are churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues. The outstanding Gothic Cathedral here contains works by well-known painters including Goya, El Greco and Van Dyck. The house of the painter, El Greco is also a museum which contains exhibits of some of his greatest works. Other Castilian cities worth visiting include Segovia with its many historic buildings including a large number of Jewish origin, notably in the old Jewish Quarter. Avila is an amazing UNESCO World Heritage city with well-preserved walls.  Aranjuez is another UNESCO World Heritage site with its old quarter, royal palaces and numerous attractive gardens. El Escorial is a historical residence of the King of Spain in the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

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Barcelona offers wide and attractive boulevards and streets and also proximity to and influence of the sea. It is very different from other Spanish cities. Las Ramblas is one of the first places to visit to get a feel for Barcelona on Spain holidays, essentially a boulevard which cuts through the centre of the city and is a major landmark. Important buildings on and nearby include the unique and historic opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Placa Reial (Royal Square) which is a lively 19th Century square with street lamps designed by Antoni Gaudi, the Christopher Columbus Monument and the old port of Barcelona.

The Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest areas of Barcelona with a labyrinth of small streets. It contains Barcelona Cathedral and the Placa del Pi which contains some art galleries and small shops. The Passeig de Gracia is Barcelona’s equivalent to the Champs Elysees in Paris and one of the major avenues in the city.

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Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque region of Spain and as such, has a different vibe to it and known for the elegance of its buildings, streets, and parks. The number one major attraction is the Guggenheim Museum designed by renowned architect, Frank Gehry with its unique design. The Casco Viejo (Old Quarter), Bilbao’s most colourful neighbourhood full of charming streets which house the Gothic Santiago Cathedral.  

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a stunning and sophisticated, Internationally-renowned city and resort in the Basque region of Spain with one of the best beaches in Europe, ideal on trips to Spain. It is also known as the culinary capital of Spain with around 30 Michelin-rated restaurants. There are also some lovely old churches from the 16th and 18th Centuries and a 16th Century monastery.


Malaga has a lively nightlife, museums and exceptional seafood restaurants all located along wide boulevards, swaying palm trees and beautiful beaches. In the historic centre is La Alcazaba, a fortress dating back to 1065.  Pablo Picasso is the city’s most famous son and there are several galleries showing his work including the Museum of Fine Arts.  Malaga, as well as being a cultural capital, is a great place to eat out on a holiday in Spain.

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Andalusia is a unique region in Spain, like no other part of the country offering a glimpse into a colourful and vibrant historical era. Andalusia may be known as the “home of the Flamenco,” but its real legacy is the mixture of cultural influences left by 3 religions – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. There are three Andalusian cities worth visiting individually. The Moors from North Africa greatly influenced the architecture and the character of the cities of Granada, Seville, and Cordoba, as did the period of the ruling Catholic Conquistadors who followed. Granada is the site of the Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an extensive series of beautiful palaces and gardens built as far back as the 14th Century. Seville has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Alcazar, built initially in the 1300s still used as a royal palace, Seville Cathedral, the third-largest in the world after the Vatican in Rome and St. Paul’s in London and the General Archive of the Indies. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, also known as the Mezquita is one of the world’s largest and greatest Islamic buildings a symbol of the importance and sophistication of the Islamic period and a breathtakingly beautiful building inside and out.

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Spain’s Wonderful Beaches

Very few countries can boast that they have such a large selection of beaches as Spain. The principal beach destinations on Spain holidays include the following. The Costa del Sol on the south coast stretches 160 kilometres/100 miles. Marbella is probably the best-known resort due to its reputation for elegance and style reflected in its attraction of the rich and famous. The Costa Brava is located in the north-east on the Mediterranean Sea, stretching 300 kilometres/180 miles from due north of Barcelona to as far as the French border. It is an area of natural beauty with excellent sandy beaches and a mountainous backdrop perfect for a holiday in Spain or an extension to a stay in Barcelona. The Balearic Islands lie off the south-east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea and comprise Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera plus several minor islands. Mallorca is the largest and best-known island. The capital, Palma de Mallorca has historical and cultural attractions. The Canary Islands are located 100 kilometres/62 miles west of the North African coast opposite Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to their position, they offer a subtropical climate with hot summers and warm winters perfect for a Spain holiday. The principal islands are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Not only does it have beaches but it has an amazing hinterland. Gran Canaria has stunning landscapes plus peaceful coves and beaches.  

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine consists of a great variety of dishes which stem from differences in geography, culture and climate. It is heavily influenced by seafood available from the waters that surround the country and reflects the country's deep Mediterranean roots. Spain's extensive history with many cultural influences has led to a unique cuisine. In particular, three main divisions are easily identified, - Mediterranean Spain  for seafood and several cold soups such as Gazpacho plus many rice-based dishes such as  Paella; Central Spain for hot, thick soups such as the bread and garlic-based Castilian soup, along with hearty stews such as Cocido Madrileño and Atlantic Spain for vegetable and fish-based stews. 

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The Wine Regions of Spain

Spain can healthily compete with France and Italy when it comes to quality wines. There are many wine-producing regions which are spread out all over the country. Two of the most important are The Rioja region and the Jerez region. Rioja is one of the best-known wine types in Spain. This region is located in the north-central area of the country. It is rich in history having been invaded by the Phoenicians Romans, Moors and the Crusaders. Ancient sites of Roman wineries still exist in and around the area today. Sherry is synonymous with Spain. This fortified wine is produced in the far south-west corner of the country in Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria.  Sherry has been produced in a range of styles since the 1600s.

The Flamenco

When in Spain, the flamenco is a major entertainment. This combination of Latin, Gipsy and Jewish influences and traditions is more than music; it is a folk art involving singing, dance and guitar and rhythm accompaniment. It originated in Andalusia many centuries ago. There are daily flamenco shows in Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusian cities such as Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga and there are flamenco festivals which take place annually in Barcelona in July and August, Madrid in June, Cordoba in July and Granada in June/July.


Bullfighting is another tradition in Spain. It is not for everyone on a Spain holiday. It can be bloody and violent. For the most part, the bullfighting season in Spain runs from April to September, in most major cities usually on Sundays. There are several bullfighting festivals throughout the season which usually run for one or two weeks. If attending a bullfight, consider buying a more expensive ticket for a seat in the shade as a bullfight can last up to 3 to 4 hours.

Best Time to Visit Spain

The best time to travel on a Spain vacation is during springtime and also in the fall. The best months are April, May, June, September and October. July and August are very hot especially in cities such as Seville, Cordoba and Madrid. Madrid has a dry heat as opposed to the other cities. The Atlantic Coast including San Sebastian has the most rain, especially in October and November. The best time to be here is in the summer. Barcelona and the Costa Brava are slightly cooler than other major cities and the best time to visit is between May and September. In the winter, the Costa del Sol has the warmest temperatures followed by the Balearic Islands on trips to Spain. In winter, temperatures can be cold in and around the mountainous areas. This includes Granada.

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What Type of Tours are Available in Spain

A full range of escorted tours from Madrid and Barcelona can include Andalusia, the Costa del Sol and Castile. There are pre-arranged self-drive and individual travel itineraries featuring the highlights of Spain.  City package stopovers include Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Bilbao.  Cuisine=oriented packages feature a choice of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. Stay put vacations are available to Spain’s premier beach resorts including long winter breaks in the Costa del Sol. 

Spain Travel Information

At Goway we believe that a well-informed traveller is a safer traveller. With this in mind, we have compiled an easy to navigate travel information section dedicated to Spain tours.

Learn about the history and culture of Spain, the must-try food and drink, and what to pack in your suitcase. Read about Spain's nature and wildlife, weather and geography, along with 'Country Quickfacts' compiled by our travel experts. Our globetrotting tips, as well as our visa and health information will help ensure you're properly prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip. The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Spain for yourself. Start exploring… book one of our Spain tours today!

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