Friends looking at a map with Brandenburg Gate in background, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
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Top 5 Things to Do in Germany

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Published on Mar 14, 2017
Nadya Phelan
By Nadya PhelanTraining Director

Germany, made famous by its love of beer, markets, and sausages, has more to offer than just these icons. When you step off the plane, it feels inviting to explore. Whether as a group or on your own, Germany has something to offer for everyone. Situated in the heart of Europe, it is an amazing melting pot, yet it maintains its distinct cultural traditions. Goway has compiled a list of the top 5 experiences to have, while on your Germany vacation.

1. See Beautiful Berlin

Berlin, the experience of this city. Explore all it has to offer, as it was once divided by the wall it is a fascinating city that brings three city centres under one umbrella, making it a city that truly has something for everyone. From legendary nightlife to beautiful museum island, there is something to do day or night. Berlin is a fantastic city for any Globetrotter.

Goway Tip: If you have time, use Berlin as a gateway to visit Germany’s fascinating east.

2. Discover Bavaria

Whether you drive or take an escorted tour, there is so much history and stunning scenery in this beautiful region. Take the time to explore the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Regensburg, a traditional town located by the Danube. From here, discover Passau, where river cruises depart regularly to visit the area by water. If in Bavaria, a must do on your Germany vacation, is to take the Autobahn to or from the historic city of Nuremberg, all while enjoying the beautiful hills, rivers, and food of the area.

Goway Tip: If you are not doing a multi-day river cruise, consider in the summer months doing a short cruise to see these cities from a different perspective.

Cathedral View Over Danube River in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Cathedral view over Danube River in Regensburg

3. Explore the Romantic Road

The Romantic Road is a famous drive that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Start in Frankfurt and visit the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein and the spectacularly beautiful Black Forest, as you discover why this is called the Romantic Road. Get off the road and take a walk, as you learn about the history and outdoor activities of this region.

Picturesque landscape and Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany
Picturesque landscape and Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

4. Head to Charming Munich

Munich is one of Germany’s most famous cities. Not only is it known for Oktoberfest, but it is also has a famous clock in its main square. This town will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. The hospitality and openness of its people are the reason that it is an all year round destination. With its famous Christmas Markets, Oktoberfest, and legendary beer halls, this city has a consistent mix of both tourists and locals, providing travellers that unique feeling of belonging.

Goway Tip: Ask a local for the best beer hall. There are many famous ones, but they may tell you of a local gem. Make sure you visit the Marienplatz square at the top of the hour, and look up to the Glockenspiel (clock) to watch it chime.

Marienplatz Town Hall in Munich, Germany
Marienplatz Town Hall in Munich

5. Enjoy Germany's Gourmet Side

Explore Germany’s food scene. Germans are stereotyped for loving beer and sausage. However, this destination has so much more to offer. Take the time to explore the variety of food and drink on your Germany vacation.

Goway Tip: No matter where you are - whether it's Berlin, where you can pop into one of the small local bakeries and pick up a baked good, or in a small town in Bavaria looking for the busiest pub of the evening, order what your neighbour is eating. You may not be sure what's in it, but chances are it is delicious... and if it's not, then chalk it up to being a Globetrotting experience.

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Nadya Phelan
Nadya Phelan
Goway - Training Director

Although born in Canada, Nadya has spent much of her life globetrotting, as her parents believed that travelling was a form of education. At 20, she packed her backpack and set off to Australia for a work holiday, where she would later return to earn her degree in Tourism Management. She has also lived and worked in Ireland. Having extensively explored Europe and South America, Nadya has since been to all 7 continents and is always looking to see and experience more.

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