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  • Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster bridge
  • Stour river, Canterbury, Kent
  • Cambridge
  • York
  • Buttermere, The Lake District, Cumbria, England
  • Reaching a height of 110 meters, The White Cliffs of Dover stretch for 13 kilometers

Our England Tours

With its wide cultural influence, England may feel familiar on a first visit, even if never visited before. However, this beloved country packs enormous variety into its relatively small land area. While it takes time to discover England’s wealth of unexpected delights, it’s not unusual to leave yearning to return again and again for another United Kingdom vacation.

Certainly, there’s the ‘Royal’ aspect, manifests physically through the palaces and other residences of the royal family. This is one of England’s biggest attractions for visitors, while Idyllic villages, wild moorland, castles, country houses, cathedral spires, the ubiquitous inn or pub, crashing waves against the country’s shoreline, and the ‘Englishness’ of the people (a vast subject on its own), all round out the picture of this charismatic destination. 

A UK vacation encompasses all these things, yet England stands apart, from its beautiful northern regions to its well-heeled capital, London. Each diverse part of the country has left its mark on England’s culture, cuisine, and citizens.

England Vacation and Trip Highlights

England can be divided roughly into three sections, each with deep and distinct historical and linguistic roots. These can be further divided into regions, which in turn consist of counties most of which also have long histories. 

Best places to visit in England

London, the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom, is a global capital of finance, fashion, entertainment and culture. You will find the rest of England to be very different, and to be honest if you only visit London you haven’t ‘seen England.’ However, because distances are short and the rail system top-notch, you can easily take day excursions to a number of iconic places such as Windsor, Oxford and Cambridge, Brighton, Stratford upon Avon, and many others to enhance your UK vacation package. 

In London, the list of attractions simply doesn’t end. Tour Buckingham Palace (in the summer, while the Royal Family is away), the Tower of London, and the many beautiful and serene parks, all centrally located. Take a cruise on the iconic River Thames, see concerts and performances and spend a night at the theatre or one of the countless vibrant clubs. Explore amazing museums and art galleries. dine at your choice of restaurant, or have a drink at a pub dating back hundreds of years. The choice is truly endless 

North of London lies the Midlands. A name that perhaps does not conjure up the charm of other regions in England. But almost every metropolitan area has something historical or cultural to offer on a United Kingdom vacation. An example of this is Georgian Stamford, of which the author, George Elliot waxed lyrically.

The North has its own distinct character, be it the people of the countryside. Industrial cities thrive side by side with the wildest and most evocative countryside imaginable. Three areas that epitomize this are the Lake District with its pastoral charm and homage to the poet, Wordsworth, the Yorkshire Dales, home of the Bronte sisters, and the North Yorkshire Moors, home of the renowned James Herriot stories.

Other significant places to add to your England vacation list are Devon and Cornwall with their rustic charm and beautiful coastlines (don’t miss out on the untamed National Parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor). The Cotswolds, possibly representing the essence of the English countryside, the many cathedral cities of Canterbury, York, Salisbury, Lincoln, Gloucester, Ely, Winchester etc., the Spa towns such as Bath and Harrogate, and the multitude of beach resorts which dot the lengthy, attractive coastline.

England Travel Information

England Weather

England has often been stereotyped as being cold and grey but this is not entirely accurate. Temperatures rarely get very cold or very hot, and while the country certainly gets rain, it is really not as wet as rumour has it. London alone has lower annual rainfall than Paris, New York, or Sydney, and it's not uncommon for parts of the country to go without rain for weeks. Winter and Fall are usually the wettest seasons when the weather is often very changeable and at times quite windy. However, be prepared for unsettled weather at any time of the year and make sure to check the weather forecast if you plan to spend much of your England vacation outdoors. 

English Food

Traditional English dishes still exist such as bread and cheese (ploughman’s lunch), roasts, game pies, oxtail soup and both fresh and seawater fish. Other meals including fish and chips, which were once urban street food eaten from a newspaper with salt and malt vinegar, and pies and sausages with mashed potatoes, onions, and gravy, are now matched in popularity by curries from the Indian subcontinent, and stir-fries based on Chinese and Thai cuisines. French cuisine and Italian cuisine are also now widely adopted. 

Whatever your interests, England is ready to indulge them. From energetic pastimes such as hiking or walking to cultural pursuits such as the theatre, museums, art galleries and historical sites, England has it all while on a UK vacation.

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  • London and the Corners of Cornwall

    Pairing a small-group adventure with a stay in the English capital, this is the ideal way to discover southwestern England. Begin your trip with 2 days in London, then set off to explore a countryside rich in history and offering gorgeous landscapes. Discover historic port towns like Falmouth and indulge in fresh seafood along the way. Travel like the locals do and traverse through the lesser-known pockets of southwestern England.
    11 Days
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    Escorted Coach Touring, Small Group Touring
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  • The Heart of England: London, Stratford-upon-Avon & Bath

    FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: The rolling hills of the beautiful English countryside are one major attraction certainly but then add Oxford’s colleges, a stay in the bucolic Cotswold’s. Stratford on Avon, visit quaint villages in Somerset, royal Bath, stately homes and much more. A very enjoyable “English” experience.
    7 Days
    On request
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