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  • Mesa Gialos, Fira, Santorini, Greece
  • Santorini Island, Greece
  • Santorini Island, Greece
  • Blue Domed churches, Caldera, Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is part of the Cyclades group of islands. It is an island, on a Greece  vacation that you might imagine as archetypal Greek Island with its white-washed houses and churches and blue sky.  This very beautiful island was formed from a huge volcanic eruption which created a large lagoon in the middle of the island. It is consequently surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides. It still has an active volcano, the only one in the world whose crater is in the sea. The last big eruption occurred 3,600 years ago. Santorini has a reputation as being a romantic island with its crystal-clear waters perched on the rim of a volcano in the middle of the sea - add to this its amazing sunsets. 

The capital is Fira, a town of proverbial white-washed houses which lies on top of a series of high cliffs. It is where you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the island and an amazing view of the volcano on trips to Greece. It is in Fira, on travel to Greece, that you can sit at a café, bar or restaurant and enjoy wonderful views of the harbour where the cruise ships call in. The Santorini Archaeological Museum inFira has exhibits from Roman times to the 5th Century AD. For more dramatic views, take the cable from the town to the top of the cliff. 

Akrotiri is an ancient city dating back to the Minoan civilization (2700–1420 BC) which was rediscovered only 50 years ago when it was found under the volcanic ash from an earthquake in the 1600’s BC. You can view three-storey buildings that survived plus roads, drainage systems and pottery. Like the Roman ruins of Pompeii, it is remarkably well-preserved. Excavated artifacts are shown in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira. 

Oia is a very pretty village, again situated high on a top of a cliff overlooking the sea, with cave houses and restaurants built into the cliff edge. This is a place for white- washed blue domed churches and charming, traditional Cycladic houses. Impressive houses in the town are "cliff houses" built in the niches carved into the caldera keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. There are several small art galleries including the Art Gallery Oia. The town also has numerous restored churches. One of the most popular attractions in the town is to watch the sun set. This is a special event every evening as the sunset lights up the houses.  

Santorini is also known for its wine production which comes from its many vineyards scattered around the island. The most popular is the sweet and strong Vinsanto, a dessert wine.  


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