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  • Visit Norway: Stavanger
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Stavanger is the third largest city in Norway after Oslo and Bergen and is located on the southwest coast of the country. It is an old historical city founded in 1125, the year the Stavanger Cathedral was completed. The 18th- and 19th Century wooden houses add to the charm of Stavanger located in cobblestone walkways which pass between these whitewashed wooden houses, all immaculately kept. They are protected and considered part of the city's cultural heritage. The city overall has grown due to the booming oil industry. That is why it is linked to Houston and Aberdeen and known as Norway’s “Oil City”

Stavanger's old centre has some of the most beautiful and best-preserved wooden buildings in the country on Norway vacations, with many of the 173 buildings dating back to the 18th Century. The old centre is a residential area with a number of art galleries and handicraft boutiques

The Stavanger Domkirke is a beautiful and impressive stone cathedral from 1125, the majority of the building is still in its medieval original style. In the interior are some wonderful stone columns, tapestries and a stained-glass window depicting the main events of the Christian calendar.

There are two interesting museums to enjoy on trips to Norway. The Stavanger Museum was founded in the 19th Century and covers everything from Stavanger's history to the Viking era. Its departments include the Museum of Natural History, the Maritime Museum, the Norwegian Children's Museum, the Art Museum, and the Norwegian Canning Museum. The other museum is the Norway Oil Museum which might sound dull but isn’t. It includes the history of North Sea oil exploration. Highlights include the world's largest drill bit, simulated rigs, documentary films and a vast hall of oil-platform models. There are also exhibitions on natural history, energy use and climate change.

Sogndalstrand is a village about 1 hour’s drive away from Stavanger which has pedestrian streets and small shops and galleries. It is the only village in Norway where both the wooden buildings from the 1700s and 1800s and the surrounding cultural landscape are listed.

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Stavanger, Norway

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